Kategorie: Laserbeschriftungsmaschine

Die Mcwlaser-Lasermarkierungsmaschine ist ein Gerät, das einen Laserstrahl zum Ätzen oder Gravieren einer Vielzahl von Materialien verwendet, darunter Metalle, Kunststoffe, Glas, Keramik und mehr. Es bietet hohe Präzision und Genauigkeit und ist daher eine beliebte Wahl für die Markierung von Logos, Seriennummern, Barcodes und anderen identifizierenden Informationen auf Produkten.

FLM Laser Marking Machine FAQs

What is a laser marking machine?

Laser marking machine is a device that uses laser technology to mark or engrave various materials such as metal, plastic, and ceramics. It creates a permanent mark by removing or changing the surface of a material.

How many laser marking machines are there currently on the market?

The difference between laser marking machines is mainly distinguished by the laser. There are UV laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, semiconductor optical marking machines and other different laser marking machines. They are used in different materials. The effects on objects are different, such as depth, speed, color, thickness, etc.

Is laser marking permanent?

Yes, laser markings are typically permanent and resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and environmental factors. They won't fade or degrade over time.

Can the laser marking machine make different types of marks?

Yes, laser marking machines can produce different types of marks, including surface engraving, depth engraving, 3D marking, color marking, etc., depending on the machine type, material and laser parameters.

How does a fiber laser marking machine work?

The working principle of the fiber laser marking machine is to generate a laser beam through an optical fiber and then focus the laser beam onto the surface of the material. The laser beam interacts with the material, causing it to undergo various processes such as ablation, color change or surface texture to form the mark.

Can the fiber laser marking machine mark curved or irregular surfaces, such as rings or cups?

Fiber laser marking machines can mark curved or irregular surfaces. Marking on curved objects can be done using specialized jigs or rotating devices.

Warranty and technical support

We provide two-year warranty and lifetime professional technical support. If you have any questions during use, please contact us: info@mcwlaser.com. We will reply to you within 24 hours.

My location is very close to your warehouse location. Can I go directly to the warehouse to pick up the goods and receive training from you?

Our US warehouse can provide self-pickup services and training. Please contact us first at info@mcwlaser.com. We will arrange it for you.
Our EU warehouse does not provide self-pickup services. But don't worry, we will send you machine instructions and operation videos for every customer. If you have any questions you can contact us anytime.