MCWlaser Laser Goggles 190-470 & 800-1700nm Safety Protective Glasses Absorption For Cleaning/Marking/Welding/Cutting Type EP-8

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Style: Style 1


  • Wavelength: 190-470 and 800-1700nm
  • Optical density: OD5+
  • Visible Light Transmission (VLT): 50%
  • Material: High-efficiency explosion-proof protective glasses synthesized from imported wave-absorbing nanomaterials and polycarbonate (PC).
  • Applicable laser: Alexandrite laser, fiber laser, UV laser, ND:YAG laser, diode laser, etc.
  • For example: fiber laser marking, fiber laser welding, fiber laser cleaning, UV laser marking, etc.
  • It has good shielding against the harsh white light generated during laser operation.                                                                                                                       

    fiber laser engraving

    fiber laser cleaning

    fiber laser welding

    uv laser engraving

    Fiber Laser Engraving Eye Protection

    The laser glasses can effectively protect your eyes when operating the 1064nm fiber laser engraving machine.

    Fiber Laser Cleaning Eye Protection

    The laser glasses can effectively protect your eyes when operating the 1064nm fiber laser cleaning machine.

    Fiber Laser Welding Eye Protection

    The laser glasses can effectively protect your eyes when operating the 1064nm fiber laser welding machine.

    UV Laser Engraving Eye Protection

    It is essential to protect your eyes from the harmful radiation emitted by UV lasers. The laser safety glasses can block UV radiation to protect your eyes from this damage.

  •   Display and dimensions (EP-8-9/Style 9)

EP-24/Style B-1064: The most popular style, small and lightweight, soft and non-slip material, tight fit, suitable for medium or small faces.

EP-8-1/Style 1: Wide field of vision, leg length adjustable in four positions; side protection of the brow bone, suitable for medium-sized faces.

EP-8-2/Style 2: Small and lightweight, soft and non-slip material, adjustable leg length, suitable for medium or small faces.

EP-8-9/Style 9: The most popular model, wide field of vision, side brow protection, can wear myopia glasses, suitable for all face types.

EP-8-10/Style 10: Prescription glasses can be worn in laser protection glasses, it is suitable for all face types, including myopic. The full-coverage wraparound fit protects your eyes from the sides, above and below.

EP-8-11/Style 11: Wide field of vision, leg length adjustable in four positions; side protection of the brow bone, suitable for all face types.






The lenses are made of imported optical materials, hardened and reinforced, shockproof, anti-scratch, explosion-proof, alcohol resistant and hot water resistant. Large lenses can be worn over prescription glasses (myopia).

Lightweight imported black polycarbonate frame, unique curved surface design, comfortable wearing, impact resistance, light weight and durability.

The interior of the frame and the nosepiece are made of a unique breathable material, which is more comfortable and suitable. With sidewall and eyebrow protection, these glasses fully protect the eye from laser damage.

The safety glasses' temples have round holes and come with an adjustable silicone strap. Avoid damaging the glasses by dropping them.



For low power lasers (≤1mw), protective measures should be taken, otherwise it will cause cumulative laser damage to the eyes; for lasers with laser output powers above 1mw and below 0.5w, direct laser beams are only allowed to wear laser protective glasses, otherwise in the flashing reflection time of about 0, 25s, its output laser may cause eye damage; for lasers with a power > 0.5 w, it is the most harmful to the eyes. Whether looking directly at the light beam or being irradiated by its reflected light may cause eye damage. Strict protective measures must be taken for this type of laser. It is prohibited to use these lasers without wearing laser protective glasses.

CE EN 207:2017



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    I got these for use with my CO2 Laser Engraver. I chose these specifically because a fair amount of people said they were small/too small/perfect for their small head, and I have a head that is on the smaller size. LOL these are HUGE on me and the strap isn't really adjustable. I tied a knot in the tie that came undone, but I prop it on top of my ponytail. When open they slide easily over my ears on both sides but give decent eye coverage. They seem to fit my husband and 15 year old son great, though. I won't be returning them as they seem good quality and the price was fair.

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