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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do l order an item?

Please open the following link to viewthe purchasing process.https://youtu.be/MVkt0c1jYB0

Can l pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay by credit card directlyor by PAYPAL(You can add a credit cardwhen you apply for a PAYPAL account).

What about the shipping method and time?

By Expedited Shipping (by DHL/Fedex/UPS/DPD), door-to-door service.
1. General products,
CN Warehouse: 5-9 Business Days
UAS Warehouse: 3-5 Business Days
EU Warehouse:5-7 Business Days

2. Customized products (Only Support Shippment From China Warehouse)
The average period of production: 5-6 Business Days
Shipping: 5-9 Business Days
(Notification: Customs clearance inspections may cause delays of 2-3 days in logistics)1. General products

By Sea or Air to sea or airport (door-to-door service is optional)
It is for larger cargo.
The delivery time depends on the detailed shipping address, please check the exact time and cost with us.

What about the Customs Duty and VAT or Tax?

1.If your order was shipped from China,the pice doesn't include the import tariff duty, tax, or VAT.
The tariff duty, tax or VAT depend on local law and policy in difference country. The buyer needs to cover the cost.
2.If your order was shipped locally, such as from US ,AU or Europe,the price includes the duty,tax or VAT. The buyer don't need to pay customs duty, tax or VAT.
3 .Part of products in EU and US support PICK UP ON SITE Please check with us about the detail if you need.

If you can provide the invoice?

Yes,if you need the invoice,please contact with service@mcwlaser.com

What is your product warranty like?


All customer support services and policies will be only applied to orders on https://www.mcwlaser.net/
MCWlaser Amazon Store

If your products are not purchased from our official website or our Amazon Store, but purchased through another third-party platform, we will not be responsible for your order.

Please view our detailed warranty instructions: https://www.mcwlaser.net/pages/warranty

If you have any questions, please contact us:
Email: info@mcwlaser.com
Whatsapp/Wechat: 0086 18121236578

I failed to process the payment via credit card, what should I do?

If you are having difficulty processing payment via credit card, there are a few steps you can take:

  • Contact your credit card company: Verify with your credit card company whether the amount exceeds your spending limit and ensure that all payment activity is being authorized by you. It's also possible that your credit card company is experiencing technical difficulties or maintenance, which is preventing the payment from going through.
  • Contact the merchant: In this case, you should contact the merchant (in this case, info@cloudray.com) immediately to inform them of the problem. The merchant can check if there are any issues on their end, and help you troubleshoot the problem.
  • Use an alternative payment method: If the problem persists, you may want to consider using an alternative payment method, such as PayPal or bank transfer.

Remember to always exercise caution when making online purchases and to protect your personal and financial information.

My location is very close to your warehouse location. Can I go directly to the warehouse to pick up the goods and receive training from you?

Our US warehouse can provide self-pickup services and training. Please contact us first at info@mcwlaser.com. We will arrange it for you.
Our EU warehouse does not provide self-pickup services. But don't worry, we will send you machine instructions and operation videos for every customer. If you have any questions you can contact us anytime.

S&A Water Chiller FAQs

What types of industries use industrial water chillers?

Various industries use industrial water chillers, including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, plastics, food and beverage, laser cutting, welding, marking and many others.

How does an industrial water chiller work?

Industrial water chillers work by circulating chilled water through a closed-loop system. A compressor or refrigeration cycle removes heat from the water, and then the cooled water is pumped through the process or equipment to dissipate heat.

The using condition of water chiller

If you would like to use our chillers, please make sure you can meet the following conditions.

Our water chiller is used for cooling water. If it is other liquids, please make sure there is no corrosion for the water chiller.

When using our water chiller, the water inlet of the water chiller needs to connect with the water outlet of your equipment, and the equipment water inlet connects with the water outlet of our water chiller.

It is required to meet

1). The water flow is uniform
2). There is no impurity in the circulating water.

The range of water temperature that can be cooled

Most of our chillers are used in industry, such as cutting machine and marking machines. The temperature range of the water that can be cooled is 5-40 degrees Celsius.

What can be used as cooling water?

Deionised water, distilled water or purified water (less impurities).

What kind of antifreeze is used?

1). Use ethanol for short-term antifreeze:
If there is a power failure and the cooling water cannot be emptied, temporary short-term antifreeze is required, and ethanol (alcohol) can be added to the deionized or purified water, and the added amount cannot exceed 40% of the volume of the water tank, because ethanol is very corrosive, and it is very corrosive to grease, Paint and rubber parts will corrode, and they are also corrosive to metals, so they cannot be used for a long time. It must be emptied within a week and the cooling pipeline must be cleaned with pure water or deionized water. If there are still antifreeze requirements, special antifreeze must be selected.

2). Use special antifreeze of professional brand:
It is recommended to choose CLARIANT (Clariant) brand, there are two types of antifreeze suitable for laser systems:
(1).Antifrogen-N glycol-water type (industrial products, toxic to human body)
(2). Antifrogen-L propylene glycol-water type (food grade, harmless to human body)
Use Clariant's Antifrogen N antifreeze, the minimum addition ratio is 3:7 [30% antifreeze, 70% water] After adding antifreeze, it can resist -12~-15℃ without freezing. It is generally recommended to add in a ratio of 1:1, which can reach -25 °C without freezing. It should be noted that after adding antifreeze, it can only ensure that the water does not freeze within -25 °C, but it does not mean that the water cooler can work normally at very cold temperatures. The normal working temperature of our water cooler should be above 5℃. The cold start temperature should be above 10 ℃.

Cleaning and Antifreeze
1. To ensure good heat dissipation, please open the lid to clean the dirt after the cooler is used in the long term.
2. Ethanol can be used as a short-term antifreeze, but it is corrosive and needs to be emptied within a week.
Users in cold areas should use noncorrosive special antifreeze.

What safety precautions should be taken when using an industrial water chiller?

Safety precautions include ensuring proper ventilation, electrical safety, and regular inspections to prevent leaks or system failures that could pose risks.

Why is my water chiller not cooling effectively?

Check if the water temperature settings are correct.
Ensure there is enough water in the reservoir.
Clean the condenser coils and filters, as dirt can impede cooling efficiency.
Verify that the compressor and fans are working properly.

Can I use my chiller for both heating and cooling purposes?

Yes,Some of our models of water coolers have this feature. If you would like to add this feature to your existing water chiller, please contact us to learn more atinfo@mcwlaser.com.

FLM Laser Marking Machine FAQs

What is a laser marking machine?

Laser marking machine is a device that uses laser technology to mark or engrave various materials such as metal, plastic, and ceramics. It creates a permanent mark by removing or changing the surface of a material.

How many laser marking machines are there currently on the market?

The difference between laser marking machines is mainly distinguished by the laser. There are UV laser marking machines, CO2 laser marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, semiconductor optical marking machines and other different laser marking machines. They are used in different materials. The effects on objects are different, such as depth, speed, color, thickness, etc.

Is laser marking permanent?

Yes, laser markings are typically permanent and resistant to abrasion, chemicals, and environmental factors. They won't fade or degrade over time.

Can the laser marking machine make different types of marks?

Yes, laser marking machines can produce different types of marks, including surface engraving, depth engraving, 3D marking, color marking, etc., depending on the machine type, material and laser parameters.

How does a fiber laser marking machine work?

The working principle of the fiber laser marking machine is to generate a laser beam through an optical fiber and then focus the laser beam onto the surface of the material. The laser beam interacts with the material, causing it to undergo various processes such as ablation, color change or surface texture to form the mark.

Can the fiber laser marking machine mark curved or irregular surfaces, such as rings or cups?

Fiber laser marking machines can mark curved or irregular surfaces. Marking on curved objects can be done using specialized jigs or rotating devices.

FCM Laser Cleaning Machine FAQs

Can fiber laser cleaning machines be used on sensitive surfaces?

Yes, portable fiber laser cleaning machines do work on sensitive surfaces. It can adjust power and frequency to suit different surfaces and materials.

How long does it take for a laser cleaning machine to clean a surface?

The time it takes for a portable fiber laser cleaning machine to clean a surface depends on the size of the area being cleaned, the degree of contamination and the power of the laser cleaning machine.

Can fiber laser cleaning machines be used in outdoor environments?

Yes, portable fiber laser cleaning machines can indeed be used in outdoor environments. But it is important to consider factors such as weather conditions, safety issues and power supply.

What are the power requirements for fiber laser cleaning machines?

The power requirements of portable fiber laser cleaning machines depend on the model and power output. Usually AC220V+±10% or 380V±10%.

Is training required to use a fiber laser cleaning machine?

Yes, training is recommended before using a portable fiber laser cleaning machine. Users should be familiar with the machine's safety features, proper operation and maintenance procedures.

What safety measures should be taken when using a laser cleaning machine?

Operators should wear appropriate protective equipment, such as safety glasses and gloves, and ensure that the laser beam is not directed at any living organism. Additionally, the machine should be used in a well-ventilated area and the operator should receive appropriate training on how to operate the machine safely.

FWM Laser Welding Machine FAQs

What is the principle of laser welding machine?

Laser welding is a process that uses laser energy to heat metal materials, melting them during the heating process and forming welds, thereby achieving the purpose of welding. Lasers transmit energy through undulating electromagnetic waves, which can be guided to the welding point through optical fibers. When the laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece, it will be absorbed and converted into heat energy, causing the workpiece to locally heat up until it melts or reaches the temperature required for welding. As the laser beam moves, the molten pool will also move with it, leaving a complete weld on its path. The welding speed is fast, the weld is small, beautiful and the welding is strong.

What are the classifications of laser welding?

1. Handheld laser welding machine
2. Automatic laser welding machine
3. Intelligent robot laser welding machine

What are the components of a laser handheld welding machine?

The laser handheld welding machine is mainly composed of laser, optical fiber transmission system, welding head, control system and cooling system.

What are the advantages of handheld laser welding machines?

Handheld laser welding machine has fast welding efficiency, compact machine and easy operation, which greatly improves work efficiency. Compared with current fiber optic transmission welding, it has higher electro-optical conversion efficiency, better beam quality, less maintenance costs and higher welding speed. The laser welding machine has a high degree of automation and a simple welding process. The non-contact operation method can meet the requirements of cleanliness and environmental protection. Using laser welding machines to process workpieces can improve work efficiency. The finished workpieces have beautiful appearance, small weld seams, large welding depth, and high welding quality.

What are the application fields of fiber optic handheld welding machines?

Mainly aimed at large and medium-sized sheet metal, cabinets, chassis, aluminum alloy door and window frames, stainless steel wash basins, etc. Fixed position of large workpieces, such as inner right angles, outer right angles, flat welding, etc.

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