S&A Genuine CW-5200 Series (CW-5200DH/TH/DI/TI) Industrial Water Chiller Cooling Water

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Two-year Warrnty,Mainly used for cooling

  • 100W-180W CO2 glass laser tubes;
  • UV laser markers;
  • UV curing system printers;
  • 3D laser markers;
  • Equipment with cooling capacity of 2.08kW (7098Btu/h) or less.
Model: CW-5200TH 220V
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Main Parmeter

*Machine power: 0.82 KW
*Tank capacity: 7L
*cooling capacity: 2 .08kW,7098Btu/h
*Refrigerant charge: 420g


*Powerful Cooling Performance
*Precise Temperature Control
*Alarms and Protection Function
*Constant temperature and intelligent temperature two temperature control modes

Size & Weight

*Machine Size:58x29X47 cm (L×W× H)
*Net Weight:26Kgs


*Worldwide Waranty 2 Years
*Free replacement parts during warranty period


*FDA Compliant
*CE Certification
*RoHS Certification

Manual Download

German Version: Download
English Version: Download

Model: CW-5200TH 220V
Shopping From: AU Warehouse/3-5 Days

S&A CW-5200 industrial water chiller is the best fit to cool CO2 laser machines. The 1.85 gallon (7L) water tank runs at 3.4 gpm to remove heat from the CO2 laser tube. With cooling capacity up to 5699Btu per hour and temperature error within 0.5°C, CW-5200 can easily cool down up to 150W CO2 laser tube.

This water chiller has a cooling capacity of 1400W and has been awarded a design patent certificate, as well as CE and RoHS certifications.


【Powerful Cooling】 Genuine S&A CW-5200 water chiller uses standard R410a refrigerant with 330g charged to keeps the laser cutting and engraving machine up to 150W-180W well and cool during use; Its 3.4 gpm flow rate and 0.9hp compressor cools up to 5699 Btu per hour

【Large Capacity Water Tank】1.85 gallon (7L) water tank features closed design to reduce water evaporation and provide long service between fills; Precision scale shows water level; Easy to observe and know when water filling is needed.

【High Quality Materials】Water inlet and outlet ports made from precision-engineered brass,it has long-term corrosion resistance;Friendly handle and customized dust-proof net;Dual cooling fans,high heat dissipating capacity.

【Precise Temperature Control】S&A industrial water coolers have dual mode temperature control (automatic and intelligent),It can keeps the temperature constant within 0.3°C;Constant & Intelligent temperature mode; Automatically adjust the temperature according to the indoor environment temperature; Manually set the temperature between 5-40 degree.

【Operational Safety】Our water coolers have multiple protection and alarm functions,automatic alarm prompt in case of abnormal flow;if the working water temperature is too high, it will give an automatic alarm;Compressor overcurrent protection: protect refrigeration stability.

【2 years warranty period】Two-year warranty and lifetime professional tech support. Free spare parts and free replacement devices based on actual faults during the maintenance period.

Parameter and Structure

MODEL CW-5200TH CW-5200DH CW-5200TI CW-5200DI
Voltage AC 1P 220~240V AC 1P 110V AC1P 220~240V AC1P 110V
Frequency 50/60Hz 60Hz 50/60Hz 60Hz
Current 0.5~4.8A 0.5~8.9A 0.6~4.9A 0.6~8.6A
Max.power consumption 0.62/0.74kW 0.79kW 0.62/0.74kW 0.79kW
Compressor power 0.49/0.61kW 0.66kw 0.49/0.61kW 0.66kW
0.65/0.81HP 0.9HP 0.65/0.81HP 0.9HP
Nominal cooling capacity 4879Btu/h
Pump powe 0.05kW 0.09kW
Max.pump pressure 12M 25M
Max.pump flow 13L/min 15L/min
Refrigerant R-134a R-410a R-134a R-410a
Precision ±0.3℃
Reducer Capillary
Tank capacity 6L
Inlet and outlet 10mm  OD 10mm Barbed connector  10mm10mm Fast connector
N.W 25Kg 22Kg 25Kg 23Kg
G.W. 28Kg 25Kg 28Kg 26Kg
Dimension 58X29X47cm(LXWXH)
Package dimension 65×36×51cm  (LXWXH)

Note: the working current can be different under different working conditions; The above information is for reference only. Please subject to the actual delivered product.

Alarm function

E1 E2 E3 E4 E5
Over high room temperature Over high water temperature Over low water temperature Room temperature sensor failure Water temperature sensor failure

 Thermostat parameters list:

Order Code Project Setting Range
1 F0 Temperature setting F9 – F8 25 Constant temperature control effecting
2 F1 Temperature difference values -15 - +5 -2 Intelligent control effecting
3 F2 Cooling hysteresis 0.1 – 3.0 0.8  
4 F3 Way of control 0 - 1 1
1: intelligent
0: constant temperature
5 F4 Alarm for over high water temperature 1 - 20 10  
6 F5 Alarm for over low water temperature 1 - 20 15  
7 F6 Alarm for over high room temperature 40 - 50 45  
8 F7 Password 00 - 99 8  
9 F8 The allowed highest water temperature F0 - 40 30  
10 F9 The allowed lowest water temperature 1 – F0 20  

lnstallation and Use

The following are the installation and use conditions of our water chillers for your reference.

Our water chiller is used for cooling water. If it is other liquids, please make sure there is no corrosion for the water chiller.
When using our water chiller, the water inlet of the water chiller needs to connect with the water outlet of your equipment, and the equipment water inlet connects with the water outlet of our water chiller. It is the closed loop
It is required to meet
1. The water flow is uniform
2. There is no impurity in the circulating water.


The CW-5200 chiller is a versatile cooling system suitable for various laser machines, including 150W metal laser cutting machines, acrylic CO2 laser cutting machines, laser cutters, CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines, UV laser marking machines, 8W-15W UV laser machines, laser marking machines, and UV curing system printers.

Packaging list



Cleaning and Antifreeze
1. To ensure good heat dissipation, please open the lid to clean the dirt after the cooler is used in the long term.
2. Ethanol can be used as a short-term antifreeze, but it is corrosive and needs to be emptied within a week.
Users in cold areas should use noncorrosive special antifreeze.
It is recommended to choose CLARIANT (Clariant) brand, there are two types of antifreeze suitable for laser systems:
1) Antifrogen-N glycol-water type (industrial products, toxic to human body)
2) Antifrogen-L propylene glycol-water type (food grade, harmless to human body)

Water Tank Water Exchange Method and Frequency
1. To exchange the water in the tank, drain the waste water out of the tank using the drain outlet, and refill the tank with clean water through the filling hole.
2.The frequency of water exchange is crucial for maintaining the quality of the circulating water and maximizing the service life of the laser tube. It is recommended to exchange the purified water once a month and the running water twice a month. It is also advised to use purified water for optimal performance.

The CW-5200TH industrial water chiller has been a popular choice for over 16 years, with an annual output of 30,000 units. It is specifically designed to cool CO2 glass laser tubes under 150W in laser engraving and cutting machines, with an emitting rate higher than 60%.

This water chiller has a cooling capacity of 1400W and has been awarded a design patent certificate, as well as CE and RoHS certifications. It has been sold extensively to markets in Europe, South America, Asia, and beyond.

This economic cooling equipment is easy to install and operate, and its compact size allows for easy mobility. It is a reliable and efficient choice for those in need of a high-quality water chiller for their laser cutting and engraving needs.


The CW-5200 water chiller is a precision cooling system designed for laser tubes under 150W. Its temperature can be adjusted precisely, ensuring stable working conditions for laser devices and extending the life of the laser tube.

This water chiller is available in different models to accommodate local voltage and frequency requirements. It comes equipped with complete water flow and over high temperature alarm functions to ensure safe and reliable operation. The precision temperature control can maintain a temperature accuracy of ±0.3℃.

In addition, this water chiller has multiple alarm functions, including compressor time-delay protection, compressor overcurrent protection, water flow alarm, and over high/low temperature alarm. Its intelligent controller automatically adjusts control parameters according to room temperature changes, ensuring optimal cooling performance.

The CW-5200 also features unique low flow alarm protection, specific disconnection alarm securing protection, enclosed water tanks, and an alarm output port to quickly protect sensitive components. With its high cost performance and low failure rate, it is a reliable and efficient choice for precision cooling.

This series of water chillers has multiple power specifications and is CE, REACH, and RoHS approved for quality assurance.


The CW-5200 chiller is a versatile cooling system suitable for various laser machines, including 150W metal laser cutting machines, acrylic CO2 laser cutting machines, laser cutters, CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines, UV laser marking machines, 8W-15W UV laser machines, laser marking machines, and UV curing system printers.

The air-cooled CW-5200 chiller is ideal for CO2 laser cutting and engraving machines, while the water-cooled version is suitable for UV laser marking machines. This refrigeration water chiller provides precise temperature control for laser marking machines, ensuring optimal performance.

The compressor water chiller CW-5200 is specifically designed for UV curing system printers. It provides reliable and efficient cooling for these systems, helping to extend their service life.

The industrial water chiller CW-5200 is a powerful cooling solution for laser markers. With its versatile design and multiple power specifications, it can accommodate various applications and environments.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Paul Longhorn

Works as promised. Using it on my 60w omtech and holds a co start 18 degrees C.

Mehmet Yenilmez

I've had this S&A 5200 for about a year and use it daily for maybe an hour a day. I choose to set temperature to manual mode and hold temperature at 19C. The Chiller does a good job of bringing water down quickly and holding it so I can start my laser job within a couple minutes of powering up Chiller.


Good product with hologram and serial number on the back. Works great and cools my water from 26 to 16c in less than 5 minutes.

Geo Mbr

I opted for the CW-5200DH (5200DG upgraded) model and have not been disappointed. It came extremely well packaged. The installation and setup was very easy. I referred to a few YouTube videos for configuration, opting for the fixed temperature mode vs. the default smart mode --- I wanted to start by controlling the target chilling temperature myself. As for noise, there's some initial beeps during power-on start up, then the intermittent sounds of the compressor kicking in to control the chilling temperature, nothing unreasonably loud in a shop environment. Overall I have been very pleased and highly recommend purchasing genuine S&A products.

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