Collection: MP(MOPA M7)

1064nm laser, through the fiber laser emits laser, through the high-speed scanning detection system to achieve the marking function.

② Mainly used for engraving or cutting metal materials and part non-metal materials.

③ High electro-optical conversion efficiency, air-cooled, small size, less material, high-speed, high-quality, high-precision and other characteristics of the marking

④ Can be bar codes, text graphics, or two-dimensional code marking. Support PLT, DXP, BMP and other file formats. The system can automatically code, automatically print the serial number, batch number, date, etc.

⑤ Can be used for a variety of metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, paper, materials such as leather and other materials, surface marking, and for thin metal materials cutting (usually within 2mm) of the deep engraving.

MOPA type fiber laser can also be used for stainless steel color marking and aluminum oxide blackening.

⑦The output pulse width of the MOPA fiber laser can be adjusted independently of the output pulse width of the MOPA fiber laser (from 2 ns to 500 ns). The narrower the pulse width, the smaller the heat-affected zone and the higher the processing accuracy.