Demo Room Program

MCWlaser users have conducted advanced laser works in workspaces across the nation. These valued users can now showcase in-person and virtual demonstrations for those looking to get acquainted with MCWlaser. Together, we can continue to build and grow the MCWlaser Community! Find a Demo Room Host near you, and get started with our quick and easy booking process.

Visit a Demo Room Near You

Buying a suitable machine is no easy decision. Here at MCWlaser, we understand this more than anyone! With your concerns in mind, we launched our Demo Room Program. This program will allow you the opportunity to visit one of our remarkable machines in person. In US, Germany, you'll get to watch a live laser demonstration.
You can also bring materials for on-site testing. Please contact us in advance and leave your information and we will arrange it for you.
We currently have three testing sites.
📍 1:Wisconsin, United States
📍 2:California,United States
📍 3:Bremerhaven,Germany

Become a Demo Room Host

We require all Host applicants to be MCWlaser owners of at least 3 months or have at least 3 years related working experience of laser machine.
We want our Hosts to provide authentic and helpful guidance to those looking to acquire the suitable laser machine from MCWlaser. From choosing the right model to adding on the necessary accessories, your suggestions can make their laser journey much easier!

If you're interested, then apply to be our Demo Room Host as soon as possible!