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Laser adds strength to the development of silicone products industry

Laser adds strength to the development of silicone products industry

Silicone is very common in daily life. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, high temperature resistance, no deformation, environmental protection and non-toxicity. It also has the advantages of softness, no cracking and long service life. It is a truly green and environmentally friendly material.

Processed products using silica gel as the main raw material are called silica gel products. At present, silicone products are mostly used in sports, maternal and infant, medical, kitchen, electronics, automobile and other fields, such as silicone bracelets, silicone watches, water cup covers, baby bibs, cake molds, silicone mobile phone cases, electronic buttons, travel tags, etc. .

Laser marking|Outdoor sports silicone products

Silicone is a multifunctional material that is widely used in sports. Such as sports protective gear, sportswear, sports silicone bracelets, sports watches and water bottle cup covers, etc. With its unique properties, silicone can absorb moisture, reduce impact, maintain durability and stability, and provide athletes with a comfortable sports experience.

Because silicone bracelets and watches are elastic, easy to wear and environmentally friendly, they have developed into a popular jewelry and are deeply loved by young people. Using laser to engrave words on the bracelet can greatly satisfy the wearer's needs to reflect his beliefs or values.

Silicone sleeves for water bottles are everywhere. Laser marking of various and permanent wear-resistant designs on the silicone sleeves can not only create a brand image for brand co-branding, but also allow users to experience the fun of customization.

Laser marking|Baby silicone products

The safety and environmental protection advantages of silicone materials are very obvious in the field of baby products. It is commonly used to make baby pacifiers, baby bibs, silicone bowls and spoons, silicone toys, baby pads, etc. Using laser to engrave product information or expiration date on silicone baby products can enhance brand influence for manufacturers and ensure the safety of babies. In addition, laser can also personalize silicone baby products and create unique designs.

Different laser light sources will produce different effects when engraving on the same material. Both MCWlaser UV laser marking machine and carbon dioxide laser marking machine can be used to process silicone products, which can meet the needs of different processing effects.

Laser marking mainly acts on the material itself. It is different from the traditional ink printing processing method and does not require any ink or chemicals. Maitron electromechanical laser marking machine coincides with the environmental protection characteristics of silicone products. Its marking speed is efficient, high precision, clear marking effect and not easy to wear. It is an important help in the production of silicone products.

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