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Laser marking opens up new direction for label paper materials

Laser marking opens up new direction for label paper materials

Laser coding has always been advertised as using its own wavelength characteristics and energy to etch the surface of the material to create a clear marking effect.

One of the advantages of this novel and environmentally friendly coding method is its robustness and its ability to withstand the erosion of various natural environments. Therefore, many manufacturers favor using laser technology to replace traditional labeling and inkjet coding methods.

But in fact, in life, for many products in industries such as cosmetics, beverages, medicine, and electronics, paper labels and carton packaging are indispensable; they can not only carry product information, but also build brands through colorful appearance designs. Characteristics and corporate image are important carriers between products, manufacturing companies, and consumers. This is also the unique advantage of paper labels and packaging boxes.

Although most of the information of the same product, such as manufacturer, trademark, ingredient list, etc., are the same, the production date, time, and traceability code when leaving the factory are different. How to create a unique identification for a single product to facilitate tracking and management? This is the task of laser technology. With its excellent marking robustness, the emergence of laser marking has largely eliminated the phenomenon of tampering with production marks.

In practical applications, whether it is a finished product that has been labeled or a semi-finished product that is ready to be labeled, Our V5 series equipment can cooperate according to the actual situation of the user's production line, connect to the enterprise's production management big data system, and receive updated information in a shorter time. Huge data is processed and coded in real time.
In terms of material adaptability, whether it is thermal paper, PVC paper, PET paper, coated paper or corrugated cartons directly used for integrated packaging, there is always a place for the Our V5 series, and it can rely on the effects and efficiency required by users. , functional uses, using different configurations for optimized use and software upgrades to provide cost-effective and high-yield laser marking solutions.

In addition, in terms of product traceability, even products that use heat shrink film or paper labeling are also inseparable from the application of laser marking, such as the inner code of bottle caps - QR code. On the one hand, in order to prevent the QR code from being damaged by internal On the other hand, in order to prevent the contamination of the internal liquid caused by traditional inkjet printing, laser technology that is directly etched on the surface of the bottle cap and is pollution-free is undoubtedly the first choice.

In the future, laser technology will continue to expand its advantages in more fields such as paper labeling and packaging box applications, improving the corporate image of manufacturers and bringing consumers peace of mind.

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