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Materials and Uses for Different Lasers

Materials and Uses for Different Lasers

1. 450nm blue laser for copper and gold welding

2. 915nm or 980nm semiconductor laser for laser soldering machine

3. 915nm or 980nm semiconductor laser is recommended for plastic welding

4. UV laser for white ABS marking

5. 1030 or 1064nm fiber laser for ordinary metal or stainless steel

6. CO2 laser for general non-metal marking or cutting

7. 9.3um or 9.6um CO2 RF tube laser (preferably imported) is used for pet film cutting or marking of materials that are easily deformed by heat or turn black and yellow.

8. MOPA fiber laser for blackening the surface of alumina

9. MOPA fiber laser for coloring stainless steel surface

10. Ultrafast picosecond femtosecond laser for marking and cutting of glass, sapphire and ceramics

11. Ultrafast picosecond or femtosecond lasers for LCD/OLED cutting and LED wafer dicing

12. Ultrafast femtosecond lasers for drilling and cutting of brittle materials, selective ablation of materials, surface polishing of materials, hidden marks, surface functional reconstruction, etc.

13. Polymer material processing, composite thin film material processing, new energy material processing, fiber grating writing processing, precision micro-marking, material surface modification, two-photon micro-nano processing, optical storage, ultrafast femtosecond laser for microscopic imaging

14. Terahertz petawatt lasers for beam quality analyzers, medical diagnosis, security monitoring, defect identification, oil quality control, etc.

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