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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Cutting Machines

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Cutting Machines

Burr on the edge of the workpiece during laser cutting

Laser cutting of carbon steel, the edge of the workpiece will sometimes appear burrs, making the surface appears not smooth, and some are also difficult to remove, mainly due to the following points:

1. the upper and lower position of the laser focus is not correct, you need to do the focus position test, according to the offset of the focus to adjust;
2. the nozzle selection is not appropriate, replace the nozzle;
3. the purity and pressure of the cutting gas is not enough, you need to provide high-quality cutting working gas and add atmospheric pressure;
4. if cutting quadrilateral, adjacent to the two sides of the burr, indicating that the centre of the optical path offset, to re-teach the optical path from the nozzle out of the centre point; if the parallel two sides of the burr, indicating that the laser head installed to the machine tool perpendicularity problems, you can teach the laser head according to the direction of the burr of the parallel side of the installation of the perpendicularity; please check the nozzle nozzle mouth roundness whether the nozzle mouth has changed, must be Ensure that the roundness of the nozzle mouth is a full circle.

Second, laser cutting plate cut through

1. the laser power drop or lamp aging makes the laser beam energy is not enough, resulting in the sample cut through. Need to adjust the laser power to replace the laser generator lamp;
2. cutting speed is too fast, according to the thickness of the cutting plate to choose the appropriate cutting speed;
3. check whether the proportional valve output air pressure and the upper computer set the cutting air pressure is consistent, whether the oxygen meter in the 10 kg indication;
4. check whether there is damage to the protective lens, replace the protective lens;
5. the focus position is not appropriate, according to the type of plate thickness to adjust the focus position;
6. in the protective lenses and cutting speed and air pressure are no problem under the premise of checking the fibre-optic interface, if the fibre-optic interface is not a problem, please check the laser cutting head collimating lenses and focusing lenses are damaged, if there is damage, please replace it in time.

Third, laser cutting plate surface roughness

For carbon steel: the upper surface texture is too rough cutting focus away from the plate is too far away due to the need to adjust the focus closer; the lower surface is too rough cutting gas pressure is too large, reduce the gas cutting pressure; the overall texture is too rough cutting speed is too slow, improve the cutting speed.

Fourth, laser cutting processing in the alignment easily offset

Fault causes
1. the optical fibre is loose.
2. alignment module problems.
3. ceramic body loose.
4. nozzle loose.

Troubleshooting programme
1. Check whether the optical fibre is locked.
2. Contact the cutting head manufacturer.
3. check whether the ceramic body, nozzle locking, if loose then need to be re-reinforced.

Fifth, the optical fibre interlock alarm

Fault causes
1. the optical fibre is not installed in place.
2. QBH internal contact problems.
3. laser fibre connector problems.

Troubleshooting programme
1. Relock the optical fibre according to the instructions of the cutting head.
2. Contact the cutting head manufacturer to deal with
3. Contact the laser manufacturer to deal with

Abnormal cutting effect

Fault causes
1. cutting parameters call is correct.
2. cutting focus adjustment is correct.
3. Cutting gas source problem.
4. cutting head lens problem.

Troubleshooting programme
1. check the cutting parameters, cutting focus position.
2. Check whether the gas is sufficient, gas purity.
According to the selected cutting gas (O2, N2) to observe the gas cylinder on the gas pressure gauge, such as oxygen need to ensure that about 10 kg, check the cutting system output gas voltage value corresponds to the value of the gas proportional valve display, generally 10V corresponds to 10 kg; nitrogen needs to be adjusted according to the thickness of the cutting plate. Purity by checking the cylinder label to meet the purity of 99.9% or more can be. If the use of nitrogen cutting can also be detected by cutting the stainless steel end face, end face yellowing purity is low, need to immediately replace the high-purity gas.
3. take out the protective lenses to check whether there is pollution, pollution is required for lens cleaning.
4. in accordance with the third troubleshooting programme in the approach to check the cutting head internal lenses, fibre-optic end face is normal, such as the position is not right, then need to be adjusted to the correct position.

Seven, the focus dial can not be adjusted

Fault causes
1. focusing process beyond the focusing stroke.
2. the protective lens seat position seal ring damage caused by auxiliary gas into the focusing module and the protective lens between.

Troubleshooting programme
1. check whether the focusing range has been exceeded, such as beyond the focusing range, you can first cut the head on the left side of the installation of the signal amplifier position of the locking screws loosened by one turn, and then try to adjust and retighten the screws.

2. check whether the sealing ring with steel ring under the protective lens is damaged, if it is damaged, you need to replace the sealing ring.

Eight, capacitance value abnormal alarm

Fault causes
1. ceramic body damage, loose.
2. the nozzle is damaged, loose.
3. the nozzle connector touch damage.
4. signal line problem.

Troubleshooting programme
1. check whether the ceramic body, nozzle damage or loose, if damaged or loose, then replace and strengthen.
2. the ceramic body and nozzle removed, check the cutting head ceramic body mounting position contacts are damaged, if damaged, you need to contact the supplier for replacement.

3. Check whether the signal line is disconnected.
If there is no obvious damage, you can use a multimeter under the guidance of after-sales engineers and then do specific checks.

Nine, processing nozzle temperature is too high

Fault causes
1. alignment offset.
2. protective lens pollution.
3. focusing lens or collimating lens pollution.
4. optical fibre contamination.

Troubleshooting programme
1. Check whether the alignment is offset, if so, make adjustments.
2. take out the protective lens check, note that the protective mirror seat must be removed after the use of the paper seal cutting head leakage position, do not take out the protective mirror seat after blowing. If the protective lens is contaminated, it needs to be cleaned up.

3. check the cutting head internal optics.
Lift the cutting head to the highest position, open the red light, unscrew the nozzle, in the ceramic body at the lower end of the 20-40mm position within the scope of placing a piece of white paper, move up and down to observe the uniformity of the distribution of red light. Observe the red light, try to cover the red light periphery, to ensure a certain contrast, can be more clearly observed. If there are obvious black spots, you can judge the internal focusing or collimating lens or fibre optic end face is contaminated, this will need to contact the after-sales service engineers to guide the processing, do not disassemble the laser head without authorization, and do not continue to use it, so as not to cause greater damage.

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