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How To Choose The Tin Wire For Laser Welding Machine

How To Choose The Tin Wire For Laser Welding Machine

Laser tin welding machine is suitable for a variety of industrial fields, for different sizes and shapes of products, according to the product characteristics to provide a variety of welding methods.

Take tin wire laser welding as an example, laser wire welding process, the laser welding head or product in the 3-axis platform driven to complete the single-point wire welding or moving wire welding process. Realise the automation of the wire feeding and welding process. With point / ring / ellipse laser; can adjust the size of the weld joint through the focal length; can be quickly programmed to switch products and other characteristics.

Use of laser soldering with different wires

Rosin type solder wire
Suitable for welding of repair and related parts in the electronics industry. The residue after soldering has high impedance, no leakage and can pass the high voltage test. It is the most commonly used tin wire in the electronics industry.

No-clean solder wire
It is suitable for refilling soldering of PCB boards that require less soldering residue, high insulation resistance and clean surface

Nickel-plated solder wire
Suitable for soldering hard materials such as nickel materials, nickel-plated surface components, wires, terminals, sockets, lamp holders etc.

Aluminium soldering wire
Suitable for soldering aluminium materials. The flux is non-rosin type, which makes the soldering firm and reliable with very good results. Residues after soldering can be washed with water.

Stainless steel tin
Suitable for soldering stainless steel materials. The flux is non rosin type, the welding is firm and reliable, the effect is very good, the residue after welding can be washed with water.

Solid core solder wire
No flux, suitable for special applications such as fuses and metal pipe fittings.

Mobile phone soldering wire
Suitable for multi-lead fillet soldering of mobile phone accessories, IC, flat cable, connecting wires, etc. Very good soldering effect and can be used for small spacing drag soldering at one time.

The temperature management of laser welding is very important, Zichen laser solder wire equipment has a temperature regulation control system. It is very important to select the most suitable temperature setting through the professional welding operation software according to the solder wire or solder wire used. When using lead-free solder for the soldering operation, it is usually desirable to set the temperature of the laser solder wire below 350 degrees to 370 degrees due to the heat resistance of the parts and the consideration of safe operation.

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