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Laser Machining Fine Clocks

Laser Machining Fine Clocks

Due to the preciousness of materials and the precision of components, the watch industry has put forward higher requirements for various processing technologies in the production process. With its advantages of precision, flexibility, high efficiency and low consumables, laser equipment can complete a variety of processing procedures such as marking, engraving, welding, cutting, drilling, etc., bringing more creative designs to watch manufacturers Product and benefit growth points.

Laser marking engraving

In the process of making watches, the traditional engraving method needs to contact the surface of the object, which is easy to cause damage and scratches on the surface of the object. Laser technology is a non-contact processing method, which can not only obtain perfect marking effect, but also will not affect the surface of the object. The overall appearance of the watch. At present, Maichuang Electromechanical has launched a laser marking system with various light sources such as optical fiber, ultraviolet light, and carbon dioxide, which can be engraved on various materials such as metal, plastic, silica gel, glass, and acrylic.

Laser marking machines are often used to mark metal clasps, dials and silicone straps, which can not only enhance the brand and traceability of products, but also create more artistic and creative watches to meet the diverse customization needs of the market.

Laser marked metal dial

Sapphire glass is usually used to make high-end watch mirrors. Using Matron Electromechanical UV laser marking machines can perfectly achieve fine engraving effects without secondary processing.

Laser marking sapphire glass

Laser Cutting

In the watch industry, the application of laser cutting is very common, such as dial and sapphire glass cutting, precision cutting of small parts such as hands and gears. The high-precision and high-flexibility laser cutting machine can effectively shorten the processing time, improve work efficiency, and ensure the stability and reliability of the production process.

Laser Cut Engraved Clock Dials

Laser cut protective films are designed to provide a secure layer of protection for watches and other timepieces. Laser equipment can customize the design and size on the film, and the edge of the processed protective film is smooth and clean, suitable for any type of watch.

Laser Cut Watch Protective Film

Laser Welding

Laser welding is particularly suitable for joining small parts or assemblies that are difficult to access due to their complex size or shape. The watch parts we usually weld are the case, bezel, watch chain and hour markers, using QCW quasi-continuous laser welding machine to join the metal together to achieve a strong, waterproof and durable effect, in addition, laser welding is also used to repair watches and custom watch parts.

Laser welding watch spare parts

As a precision electronic product, a watch is composed of multiple components such as a movement, a bottom cover, a dial, a casing, and a gasket. Its production involves various processing applications such as engraving, cutting, welding, and texture processing. The use of lasers can efficiently complete anti-counterfeiting marks and personalized finishing customization, and precision cutting and welding of tiny parts is a very cost-effective processing technology. MCWlaser is deeply involved in the laser field. Its full range of industrial laser equipment has high precision, powerful material processing capabilities and a wide range of applications, which can create more high-quality and artistic products for watch manufacturers.

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