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How to choose a suitable laser tube?

How to choose a suitable laser tube?

Choosing a suitable laser tube involves considering several important factors.

1).Identify Your Application:
Determine the primary purpose of the laser tube. Are you using it for cutting, engraving, marking, or something else? Different applications require different laser types and specifications.

2).Laser Type:
Select the appropriate laser type based on your application:
CO2 Lasers: Ideal for engraving and cutting materials like wood, acrylic, paper, and fabric.
Fiber Lasers: Best for metal cutting and marking, as well as some plastics.
Diode Lasers: Suitable for smaller-scale engraving, marking, and low-power applications.

3).Power Output (Wattage):
Determine the laser power you need, which depends on the thickness and type of materials you plan to process, as well as the desired processing speed.
Consider both your current and potential future requirements.

Match the laser wavelength to the materials you'll be working with:
CO2 lasers typically operate at 10.6 micrometers and are suitable for organic materials.
Fiber lasers operate around 1.06 micrometers and are well-suited for metals.

5).Cooling Method:
Decide between air-cooled and water-cooled laser tubes:
Water-cooled tubes are more efficient and suitable for continuous and heavy-duty use.
Air-cooled tubes are more convenient for smaller setups and lower-power applications.

6).Beam Quality:
Look for laser tubes with good beam quality specifications, as this directly affects the precision of your laser work.

7).Support and Warranty:
Choose a reputable manufacturer or supplier known for providing reliable customer support and warranties.
Ensure you can easily access replacement parts and technical assistance if needed.

There are different specifications and models of laser tubes on the market, some are divided according to power, and some are divided according to length. Generally, the longer the length of the laser tube with the same diameter, the higher the power. Before purchasing, you need to determine The required power and length of the laser tube. It is also necessary to consider whether the length of the laser tube can be installed in the machine.

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