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S&A CW Series Industrial Water Chiller Cautions and Troubleshooting

S&A CW Series Industrial Water Chiller Cautions and Troubleshooting

The S&A CW Series Industrial Water Chiller utilizes advanced refrigeration technology to provide consistent and precise temperature control, ensuring that your equipment operates at optimal temperatures. It features a powerful compressor, high-quality condenser, and evaporator, which work together to deliver efficient and reliable cooling performance.


Please ensure that the power supply and electrical outlet have a good connection, and that the earth wire is firmly grounded to ensure safety.

It is important to ensure that the chiller is operating on a stable and normal voltage. The refrigeration compressor is sensitive to power supply and voltage fluctuations, so our standard product operates within a voltage range of 210-240V (110V models operate within a range of 100-120V). If you require a wider operating voltage range, customization is available upon request. Additionally, please ensure that the electrical outlet and power supply have good contact and that the earth wire is firmly grounded.

Unmatched power frequency can damage the chiller. Please choose a model with a power frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz according to your actual circumstances.

To avoid damaging the pump, it is essential not to run the chiller without water in the storage water tank. When you receive a new machine, ensure that there is water in the tank before starting the machine. Running the chiller with a low water level can reduce its cooling capacity. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the water level is within the green (NORMAL) range indicated on the water level gauge. Please note that it is strictly prohibited to drain the water through the circulating pump.

Please ensure that the chiller's air inlet and air outlet have good ventilation. The air outlet, located at the back of the chiller, should have at least 30cm of clearance from obstructions, while the side air inlet should have at least 8cm of clearance. This is to prevent any blockages that may hinder the chiller's cooling efficiency.

The filter screen must be regularly cleaned!

Regular cleaning of the filter screen is essential to prevent the chiller from breaking down. The dust gauze should be removed and washed to prevent serious blockages.

Please pay attention to the effect of the condensate water!

In environments with high humidity, it is common for condensation to form on the surface of the water pipes and cooled components if the water temperature is lower than the ambient temperature. To prevent this, it is recommended to set a higher water temperature or keep the pipes and cooled parts warm. This will help to reduce the amount of condensate water and prevent any potential issues caused by water accumulation.

Professional use only!

This is a safety warning commonly found in product manuals. It means that the appliance should not be used by children or individuals with physical, sensory or mental limitations unless they have been properly supervised or given adequate instruction. Children should be kept away from the appliance to prevent any potential harm or accidents. It is important to follow these safety guidelines to avoid any injuries or damages that may result from improper use of the appliance.


Failure Failure Cause Approach
Machine turned on but unelectrified
Power cord is not plugged in place Check and ensure the power interface and the power plug is plugged in place and in good contact.
Fuse burnt-out Pull out the fuse box from the power supply interface of the chiller, check the fuse, replace with spare fuse if necessary and check whether the power supply voltage is stable; Check and ensure the power interface and the power plug is plugged in place and in good contact.
Flow Alarm (panel red light is on)use a water pipe directly connect to the water outlet and inlet but still without water flowing Water level in the storage water tank is too low Check the water level gauge display, add water until the level shown in the green area; And check whether water circulation pipe leaks.
Flow Alarm occurs while running with other equipment (panel red light is on),but there is water flowing and no alarm when use a water pipe directly connected to the chiller water outlet and inlet. Water circulation pipes are blocked or a pipe bending deformation. Check water circulation pipe
Ultra-high temperature alarm
Blocked dust gauze, bad thermolysis Unpick and wash the dust gauze regularly
Poor ventilation for air outlet and inlet To ensure a smooth ventilation for air outlet and inlet
Voltage is extremely low or astable To improve the power supply circuit or use a voltage regulator
Improper parameter settings on thermostat To reset controlling parameters or restore factory settings
Switch the power frequently To ensure there is sufficient time for refrigeration (more than 5 minuets)
Excessive heat load Reduce the heat load or use other model with larger cooling capacity
Alarm for ultra-high room temperature The working ambient temperature is too high for the chiller To improve the ventilation to guarantee that the machine is running under 40℃.
Serious problem of condensate water Water temperature is much lower than ambient temperature, with high humidity Increase water temperature or to preserve heat for pipeline
Water drains slowly from outfall during water changing Injection port is not open Open the injection port
One of the key benefits of the S&A CW Series Industrial Water Chiller is its ease of use. It comes equipped with a user-friendly control panel that allows you to easily adjust the temperature and monitor the performance of the chiller. It also features a range of safety features, including high and low-pressure protection, compressor overload protection, and automatic alarm and shutdown functions.
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