CNCOLETECH Laser Lens CVD II-VI Znse Focus Lens Dia 12.0mm-38.1mm for CO2 Laser 10600nm 10.6um Laser Engraver

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Diameter: 12mm
Focal Length: 25.4mm/ 1"
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Diameter: 12mm
Focal Length: 25.4mm/ 1"

MCWlaser II-VI Znse Focus Lens

The MCWlaser Lens for CO2 Laser 10600nm 10.6um - the perfect choice for precision engraving and cutting.Hight class CVD Znse material (US II-VI)


  1. Solid Coating: Adopting reinforced double-sided coatingprocess, the coating is firm, not easy to fall off, durable, wipe-resistant,long service life.
  2. Strong Light Transmission: CVD ZNSE material, small laser transmissionloss, low absorption, strong light transmission performance.Suitable for 40-200W
  3. Cylindrical Polishing Process: Cylindrical polishing, increase light transmission, improve the ability of the lens to withstand back reflection,so that the lens has a finer spot.
  4. Good Quality: Has passed Raw Material Absorption Test, Surface Quality Test, Surface Roughness Measurement, Optical Profiling, Centering Tolerance Test, and the quality is guaranteed.






      1. To avoid lens breakage, follow these tips:
      2. Ensure proper air cooling to prevent overheating and cracking.
      3. Watch out for condensation water drops in the lens barrel, as they may cause breakage.
      4. Keep the lens clean and free of debris from the cut or engrave material to avoid uneven heating over time, which may cause breakage. Clean with a cotton ball dipped in absolute alcohol or acetone.
      5. When adjusting the light path, ensure that the laser does not accidentally hit the edge of the lens or the junction of the lens barrel, as this may cause breakage.

      Choose MCWlas Lens for CO2 Laser 10600nm 10.6um for reliable, efficient, and high-quality laser engraving and cutting.


      Material CVD znse/ ll-VIznse Centration <3 arc minutes
      Wavelength 10.6um Clear Aperture >90%
      Transmittance ≄99.8% Surface Figure <λ/2 per 1" Dia
      DiameterTolerance +0/-0.13mm Surface Quality 40- 20 scratch and dig
      Thickness Tolerance ±10.25mm AR/AR Coating R<0.5% per surface
      FL Tolerance <±2% Compatible Power 0-500W


      Diameter(mm) 12/15/18/19/20 22 25 28 30 38.1
      Edge Thickness(mm) 2.0-2.2 2.5 3 3.3 3.3 7.87
      Power(Watt) 0-200W 0-300W 0-400W 0-500W 0-500W 0-4KW

      Note: Thickness Tolerance: ±0.2mm

      How to Determine Focal Length

      Focal length is the distance between the lens and the workpiece(material being cut or engraved).Before replace or install the lens, please confirm the diameter and focal length firstly. You may confirm the focal length of your lens according to the following pic.

      MCWlaser II-VI Znse Focus Lens


      For engraving, we recommend using a laser lens with a focal length of 38.1mm or 50.8mm. If you're planning to cut, we suggest using a laser lens with a focal length of 63.5mm, 76.2mm, 101.6mm, or 127mm.

       Schematic Diagram 

      MCWlaser II-VI Znse Focus Lens

      It is recommended to use convex upward, flat or concave facing the engraving or cutting material. Usually one co2 laser engraver needs 1 pcs focus lens and 3 pcs reflective mirrors.


      Cleaning Instruction



      You can contact our head-office directly,also you can contact our agent which is near you.Of course,free live-chat is available and you can get help immediately.

      Customer Reviews

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      Shauna Laird
      CNCOLETECH laser lens

      Fantastic service. Great product. Accurately described and fast postage. Thank you


      The lens worked better than the one that came with my laser. I would recommend this lens. It Produces a very sharp clean point.

      Vikash jaunky

      I'm very happy with this lens, it seems to be even a little bit sharper than the one that came with my laser. I'm impressed at how well it works and replacement of the old damaged lens was quite simple.


      As checked by my digital calipers, the dimensions are exactly correct.

      Deon Backhaus

      Very well packed. Outside plastic bag, then a box with foam, then a smaller plastic bag on the box and then the lens wrapped in tissue

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