MCWlaser 60W/80W/100W MOPA M7 Enclosed & Cabinet B Type Fiber Laser Engraver Fiber Marking Machine With 8.7” X 8.7"Working Area & D80 Rotary Axis

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Main Parmeter

Laser Power: 60W/80W/100W
Laser Source: JPT MOPAM7
Frequency: 1-4000kHz
Maximum Pulse Energy: 2.0mJ
Pulse Duration: 2-500ns
Lens: 220x220mm lens by default.
Wavelength: 1064nm
Rotary Axis:Three-jaw D80mm by default.
D69/D100mm/D125mm rotary axis optional
Marking Speed: 7000mm/s
Software: EZCad2, compatible with Lightburn;
Compatible System: Windows XP/Mista/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11


1. MOPA JPT M7 laser source has advanced beam quality
2. Reliable galvanometer marking speed up to 7m/s.
3. Latest upgraded EZCAD 2.0 Software (compatible with Lightburn).
4. Stable F-theta lens
5. Double red dot positioning can quickly find focus.
6. 2-year warranty.

Size & Weight

Machine Size: 98.2x65x162cm/38.7x25.6x 63.8in(L×W×H)
Net Weight: 150Kg


Worldwide Waranty 2 Years
Free replacement parts during warranty period


FDA Compliant
CE Certification


It is mainly used in for the fine marking process of metal and non-metal materials, such as deep engraving, thin metal sheet cutting, anode stripping, coating striping semiconductor and electronics industries, plastic and other sensitive materials marking, and PVC plastic pipe industry. It is for especially stainless steel color making and aluminum oxide blackening.


MCWlaser 60W/80W/100W MOPA M7 Enclosed & Cabinet B Type Fiber Laser Engraver Fiber Marking Machine With 8.7” X 8.7""Working Area & D80 Rotary Axis

The working frequency of MOPA JPT M7 laser source can reach 1-4000kHz, the pulse width is 2-500ns,wide adjustable range, wider application.
It adopts a high-speed photodiode for fast focusing and dual red light equipment, which can focus easily.

It is mainly used in for the fine marking process of metal and non-metal materials, such asThin metal cutting, welding.Laser derusting. metal surface processing, peeling coating.Scribing, drilling.Surface treatment.Semi-conductor&electronics industry applications.Color marking on stainless steel

Metal deep marking, thin metal sheet cutting and stainless steel color marking, aluminum oxide blackening.

Certified by FDA and CE, enjoy a two-year warranty and free technical support service.


Laser Power 30W 60W 80W 100W
Marking Area 220x220mm by default,70×70mm,110×110mm150×150mm175*175mm
Laser Type MOPA JPT M7
Beam Quality M2<1.4 M2<1.5 M2<1.5 M2<1.4
Repetition Rate(frequency) 1~4000kHz
Pulse Duration 1~250ns 2~500ns 2~500ns 2~500ns
Maximum pulse energy 0.8mJ 1.5mJ 2mJ 1.5mJ
output Power Adjustment range 1~100%
output Power Stability <5%
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
spectral width@3dB <15nm
output Beam Diameter 7±0.5mm
Polarization Orientation Random
Marking Speed ≤7ms(275.6in/s)
control Board & Softwre Genuine JCzBoard;EZCAD2.0(Standard)
operating system Compatible with Windows xPNMista/7/8/10/11
supported Graphics Formats PIT,BRMP.JPG.GIF.TGA,PNG.TIF,AI,DXF.DST,ETC.
Marking Interface Compatible with Windous XP/Mista/7/8/10/11
communication for Automation TCP1P,1O,RS232
operation temperature 0~40℃
Cooling Method Air cooling
Electrical Requirements 110V-240V/50Hz-60H


【 JPT MOPA M7 Laser Source】
Repetition Rate (Frequency):1-4000kKHz.Pulse Duration: 2-500ns. With independently adjustable pulse frequency and width to offer great versatility applicable to a wide range of materials.
Excellent beam quality, excellent processing performance; Good choice for highly precise & fine marking; Stable Power Output and Higher Marking Speed; safer.
Long Service Life of 100,000 Hours; Free Replacement within 2 Years.

【JCZ Control Board】

The JCZ control board is designed to control the laser beam and provide precise and accurate marking on various materials.
The JCZ control board is equipped with advanced technology, including a high-speed digital signal processing system and a real-time monitoring system.
Suitable for Fiber Laser and MOPA Laser

【Double Red Dot Positioning System】
The red point positioning system can quickly find the focal length without any tools.Just look at whether the two red dots on the surface of the marked product coincide to accurately locate.
Correct Working Distance; Easy to work with.

【Reliable Galvanometer】
The high-speed galvanometer scanning head greatly reduces the delay .Outstanding stability and fast speed up to 7m/s (275.6in/s)

Good running stability, high positioning accuracy, fast marking speed, and strong anti-interference ability.

【Stable F-theta Lens】
F-theta lenses offer a consistent focus across the entire scanning area, ensuring uniformity in laser processing.

The flat field of focus allows for faster scanning speeds. Does not require complex adjustments as it moves across the work surface.

An industry-standard M85 threading on all F-theta lenses allows for easy mounting and simple retrofitting of OEM systems.

【EZCAD2.0 Software】
The newest upgraded EZCAD2.0.Compatible with Lightburn.Win7/8/10/11/XP Compatible; Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop-compatible.Supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc. Multi-language interface, such as English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, etc.; Easy to use.


Packing List



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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

This is fantastic make sure you learn how to use it. The software it comes with EzCad2 is industry standard for these lasers and it’s not super user friendly. YouTube lasereverything definitely helps. I bought it because I needed to deep in grave aluminum to .005 and 3mm little letters. and it does a fantastic job I also wanted the MOPA laser for stainless. The added frequency adjustment does some interesting things to other materials. Thanks MCWlaser!

Ronnie Kendall

This machine was delivered quickly (~1 week), was well-packaged (wood crate), and came exactly as described in the listing. I have done some testing and this laser works flawlessly. I ended up using a driver from LightBurn and imported the configuration settings from the file sent from seller This seems to be the best way for my current usage. I will update this review if anything changes, but an inspection of the goods inside the case verified the quality build and accuracy of the description.

Jim Salib

The 60W MOPA laser was assembled the day after the order was placed and shipped the following day. I had the machine about a week after placing the order. It works great producing color on stainless steel and engraving brass challenge coins. Flash drive with machine SN engraved on it included an owners manual in PDF format that is far better than any manual I got with other laser engravers. Great product at a good price.


Works perfect, did not take long to get up and running.Functions as it should

doreatha jordan

I have owned this laser for two years and it has been a powerhouse for the work I've completed. I needed the software for my new computer and the help I received wasn't anything less than stellar. Everything about this purchase has 5 stars.

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