MCWlaser 50W JPT Enclosed B Type Fiber Laser Engraver Marking Machine With 5.9” X 5.9" Working Area and D69 Rotary For Metal Deep Engraving

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Main Parmeter

Laser Power: 50W
Laser Source:JPT
Frequency: 1-600kHz
Maximum Pulse Energy: 1.5mJ
Pulse Duration: 200ns
Lens: 220x220mm lens by default.
70x70mm/110x110mm/150x150mm/175x175mm/200x200mm/300x300mm optional
Wavelength: 1064nm
Rotary Axis: Ring D69mm by default.
D80/D100mm/D125mm rotary axis optional
Marking Speed: ≤7m/s
Software: EZCad2, compatible with Lightburn;
Compatible System: Windows XP/Mista/Win7/Win8/Win10/Win11


1. JPT laser source has advanced beam quality
2. Fully enclosed safe cabinet
3. Reliable galvanometer marking speed up to 7m/s.
4. Latest upgraded EZCAD 2.0 Software (compatible with Lightburn).
5. Stable F-theta lens
6. Double red dot positioning can quickly find focus.
7. 2-year warranty.

Size & Weight

Machine Size: 43x76x73.6cm/16.7x26.2x 29.6in(L×W×H)
Net Weight: 78Kg

Package Include

1. Fiber Laser Marking Machine
2. Rotary Axis (D69 by default)
3. Laser Safety Goggles
4. Tape Measure
5. Foot Switch
6. Power Cable
7. USB Drive
8. USB Cable
9. Allen Wrench
10. Color Aluminum Sheet
11. Cable
12. Lens(Marking Area 150x150mm by default)


Worldwide Waranty 2 Years
Free replacement parts during warranty period


FDA Compliant
CE Certification


It is mainly used in for the fine and deep marking process of metal and non-metal materials. Such as Stainless,Artificial,Aluminum,Gold,Silver,Brass,Titanium,Tungsten,Steel,Leather,Acrylic,Hard plastics,Brick,Granite,Marble,Tile,ABS,PVC,ceramic, stone etc.
It is widely used for marking jewellery, keyboards of cell phone, auto parts, electronic components,electronic appliance, communication apparatus, sanitary wares, buckles, kitchenware, sanitary equipment's, hardware tools, knife, glasses, clock, cooker, stainless steel products etc.

Manual Download

In English:Download

SHIPPING FROM: China/5-9 Days

MCWlaser 50W Enclosed JPT Fiber Laser Engraver Marking Machine Type B

1. Totally-Closed Type with Observation Window.High-Rate of Electrical-Optical Conversion up to 70%; Imported laser scanning system, high marking speed max 7m/s; Re-position precision is 0.002mm; Repetition Rate Frequency 1-600kHZ; Pulse Duration 200ns
2. Double Red Dot Positioning. The focus meter allows you to quickly find the focal length by simply checking if the two red dots overlap on the surface of the product to be marked.
3. US and EU stock, free shipping, and import Duty; 4 to 6 working days to delivery; 2-Year Warranty and free replacement parts; Support customers to pick up on-site at our U.S. Warehouse. Need to pick it up on-site at our U.S. Warehouse.


【JPT LP+ Laser Source】
Excellent beam quality, stable performance, and higher efficiency.Repetition Rate Frequency: 1-600kHZ; Maximum Pulse Energy: 1.25mJ;Pulse Duration: 200ns.

LP+series has perfect laser characteristics and good pulse shape control ability. Compared with Q-switched fiber lasers, the LP series lasers have more flexibility, can achieve lower and higher frequencies, and have a smaller opening delay.

Lifetime above 10,0000 hours,2-Year Warranty, and free replacement within the warranty period.

【JCZ Control Board】
The JCZ control board is designed to control the laser beam and provide precise and accurate marking on various materials.

The JCZ control board is equipped with advanced technology, including a high-speed digital signal processing system and a real-time monitoring system.

Suitable for Fiber Laser and MOPA Laser

【Stable F-theta Lens】
F-theta lenses offer a consistent focus across the entire scanning area, ensuring uniformity in laser processing.

The flat field of focus allows for faster scanning speeds. Does not require complex adjustments as it moves across the work surface.

An industry-standard M85 threading on all F-theta lenses allows for easy mounting and simple retrofitting of OEM systems.

【EZCAD2.0 Software】
The newest upgraded EZCAD2.0.Compatible with Lightburn.Win7/8/10/11/XP Compatible; Coreldraw, AutoCAD, Photoshop-compatible.

Supports PLT, PCX, DXF, BMP, etc. Multi-language interface, such as English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese, etc.; Easy to use.

Technische Parameter

Laser Power 50W
Marking Area 150×150mm by default,70x70mm110×110mm,optional
Laser Type JPT (MOPALP+)
Repetition Rate(frequency) 1-600kHz
Pulse Duration 200ns
outputPowerAdjustment range 10%-100%
Marking Speed ≤7m/s(275.6in/s)
Engraving Depth ≤1mm(0.024in)
Laser Wavelength 1064nm
Minimum Line Width 0.01mm(0.0004in) Depends on the material
Minimum Character 0.2mm (0.0008in) Depends on the material
Repeating precision 0.002mm
Control Board & Softwre Genuine JCz Board;EZCAD2.0(Standard)
Operating system Compatible with Windows XPMsta/7/8/10/11
ommunication Standard USB2.0
Supported Graphics Formats plt, bmp.Jjpg.gif,tga,png,tif,ai,dxf,dst,etc.
Marking lnterface USB connection.Compatible with Windous XP/Mista/7/8/10/11
Communication for Automation TCPAP,IO,RS232
Electrical Requirements 110V-240V 50Hz-60Hz
Power Consumption 1000W


Packing List


It is widely used in a variety of metals and some non-metallic materials marking; Typical materials include Aluminium Gold Silver Platinum Silver Titanium Brass Tungsten Carbide Nickel Stainless Steel Chrome Copper and nonmetals like ABS, PBT, Silicon, ABS, PS, Polymer and so on.


FDA and CE certifications ensure product safety and compliance.


You can contact our head-office directly,also you can contact our agent which is near you.Of course,free live-chat is available and you can get help immediately.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Julie Messenger

This laser came already zeroed-in - I didn't have to calibrate, though I did to confirm the settings. It's built very well, takes the parameters from Laser Everything without any issue, and seems to deliver better quality markings and etching than others in its class. The equipment is solidly assembled, gears are smooth, and it is in pristine condition despite traveling the ocean in a small crate. Delivery occurred 3 weeks faster than forecasted, which is always pleasing. I have no problem recommending this to others, If you're wanting to anneal colors into metal, you'll be needing to get this one's bigger brother. Plastic marking and metal etching is no problem on this. This is completely compatible with EZCAD and Lightburn.

Jody Jones

We bought this machine to engrave parts instead of tying up a 4-axis CNC machine to do the same thing. The laser is more versatile and does amazing quality work and you never have to worry about breaking a carbide bit! The seller was very responsive and easy to deal with. The machine arrived quickly and has been a workhorse around our shop ever since. Very happy with this purchase!

Dwight Edwards

This product is of high quality, easy to use, and comes with great Tech support! I would definitely purchase again.

Roger Dilley

Had a problem with the galvo head mirror. I contacted MCWlaser and the machine was fixed within a week. Great customer service.

Pippa J C

We have been using our laser for almost 2 months and are very pleased. All aspects from crating to included accessories were impressive. We were up and running within an hour from uncrating. We were able to achieve a very sharp engraving of text less than .032". Be prepared, despite an extensive knowledge of AI & Corel, the learning curve to use ExCad (also included) is very steep. It is full featured but don't expect to be proficient for a while. Also, you will want to buy an exhaust fan as the fumes from certain metals is offensive.

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