US Ship MCWlaser CO2 Laser Tube 60W/70W/80W/100W With Metal Head For Laser Engraver Cutter Cutting Machine

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Power: 60W 100cm M60
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Power: 60W 100cm M60
Ship From: USA Warehouse/3-5 Days


The MCWlaser brand laser tubes with advanced production processes, superior performance,stringent testing standards, high-quality materials, and universal compatibility. and can work with popular brand laser engraver cutting & engraving machine.It can replace popular brand CO2 laser tube, and be compatible with popular brand power supply.Great replacement for the same power or same legth laser tube.

【Advanced Coating Technology & Stable Output】This laser tube adopts tempered borosilicate glass, premium II-VI infrared lens, gold catalyst coating to get perfect laser spot , stable power rates and long life span, power is at least 20% improved, and service life is 20% longer than other laser tube.And the laser tubes are designed, engineered, and built with safety and reliability in mind. We use parts from the world’s leading suppliers and build the laser tubes to international standards.

【Metal Heads & High Quality Optics】The metal head is hard to crack , ensure stable structure, laser beam quality and output power, and help achieving better heat control while operating. The laser tubes are equipped with top-quality, American II-VI lens to achieve strong and stable output power and good laser beam mode.

【Long-lasting Performance】: The excellent design and materials of this replacement laser tube create a durable hermetic seal and offer superior heat dissipation to give you a maximum service life of 10,000 hours of operation at low-intensity settings. Use high-pressure protective sleeve, effectively solves some problems that often happen on others tubes, such as power leakage, static electricity, poor contact, etc. Also, the two layers ensure its stronger sealing, higher safety and anti-falling.

【Easy Installation &Quality Assurance】The positive and negative pole of laser tube have been welded and seal by two kinds tube in advance.Double Protection, effectively avoid wiring failure and bending;6 months warranty (except man-made damage). If there is a quality problem with the laser tube during the warranty period or if it is damaged during transportation, we will send a new tube free of charge.. If any problem after receive the tube, contact us freely,we will do our best.

Our laser tubes undergo a variety of rigorous tests before being sent out.

1. Maximum Power Output Test
2. Minimum Triggering Current Test
3. Power Output Stability Test
4. TEMOO Laser Spot Test

If you seek a laser tube that delivers precision, durability, and versatility, MCW should be your top choice. Embrace the cutting-edge technology offered by MCW brand laser tubes and take your laser cutting and engraving projects to new heights of excellence.


Installation Tips:

1.Laser tube must be placed horizontally.It is made of glass and is fragile. Therefore, be careful when installing and using it.
2.Determine the positive and negative poles of the laser tube. (metal terminal is negative)
3.Connect the positive and negative terminals to the wires of the machine.
4.Connect the cooling water pipe. The inlet water tube is below, and the outlet water tube is above. Must be low in high out.
5.Use the laser and test switch on the machine to adjust the optical path, so that the laser point enters from the middle of the entrance hole of the laser head, and then adjust the vertical optical path. (If the battery is weak, try wiping the lens first.)



NOTE:We insure the tube when ship, if there is any broken in transport, we will send the new one free again depend on the broken photos and damage report from courier.
If you find that the laser tube is broken after receiving it. Please contact us immediately. We will reissue a new replacement laser tube for you.


Power Increase
High Class Material
More Stable Power Output
High Class material. Stable power output and high quality beam spot. Adding catalyst can effectively prolong service life and increase laser power.

Double Protection
Avoid Bending
Heat Shrink Tubing
Silicone Tube
The positive and negative pole of laser tube have been welded and seal by two kinds tube in advance: Effectively avoid wiring failure and bending.

Super Easy Installation

Wires Pre-welding
High Voltage Connector
most widely used,more stable
The high-voltage connectors comes with laser tube. Easy to installation and use.

Advanced Coated Technology & Strict Test Standard
Made of high quality silicate glasses material. Advanced coating technology and technique.

Good Compatibility Good Universality
Be good compatible with different brand power supply replace popular brand laser tubes. and be good work with popular brand laser engraver;

Perfect After- sales Service
Easy&Standard Processing
Professional technology support any time. Free replacement for shipping damage and products fault during maintenance period.


1.Good TEMOO beam mode,Long service life.
2.Advanced manufacturing technology effectively avoids leakage and sparks.
3.High-quality boron silicate glass material, advanced coating technology and full of catalyst in the tube, effectively improve the service life and increase the laser power.
4.The high and low voltage end have been pre-welding before shipped,easy to install.


You can contact our head-office directly,also you can contact our agent which is near you.Of course,free live-chat is available and you can get help immediately.

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Several indicators of high-quality laser tubes.

The product quality of laser tubes mainly depends on laser power, spot quality, stability and service life.

How to maintain the service life of laser tubes?

1). Matching power supply, appropriate working current, and good water cooling
2). Current setting and laser tube life
The appropriate current will not only keep your laser tube in a stable processing state, but also make the service life of the laser tube longer.
Current settings of commonly used power laser tubes
Laser tube power ≤80W, current generally ≤20mA
Laser tube power 80W ~100W, current generally ≤25mA
Laser tube power ≥100W, current generally ≤30mA
3) Laser tube and power supply
It is recommended that laser tubes of different powers be matched with matching laser power supplies, blindly increase the current or use a higher power laser power supply. Excessive current will not only increase the burden on the cooling system, but also cause the laser tube to consume gas faster. Accelerate the aging of the laser tube and reduce its service life.

Cooling water type

It is recommended to use deionized water or distilled water as the cooling water type. If tap water is used as cooling water for a long time, impurities in the laser water pipe will adhere and turn black, and even affect the water flow rate.

Precautions when connecting to water cooling

Pay attention to the order of the laser tubes. Make sure to turn on the cold water before turning on the laser power. Otherwise, the laser tube will become hot and break, making it unusable. In addition, make sure that the water pipe is full of water and there are large bubbles before turning on the laser power. There are bubbles in the water pipe, that is, air has entered, and with the increase in temperature, it is easy to cause the laser tube to burst; the return pipe of the cooling water is also It should be lower than the water surface, otherwise the filling may not be full next time; the water flow rate should be controlled at 2L-4L/min.

Precautions when using laser tubes

a. It is necessary to ensure the operating environment of the laser processing equipment, and the power supply voltage must be kept stable. If the voltage fluctuation is too large, configure a regulated power supply;
b. The laser processing equipment must be placed stably and cannot work in an environment with large vibrations or moisture (humidity can easily cause high-pressure sparks);
c. The laser current should not be too large, and the light intensity should be reduced as much as possible to meet the processing requirements and speed;
d. It is necessary to ensure that the laser tube has enough circulating water (temperature between 5-25°C), clean and free of debris, and replace the circulating water regularly, preferably deionized water or distilled water;
e. Finally, wipe the focusing lens from time to time to keep it clean.

Precautions for the high-voltage end part

a. Avoid ignition of the high-voltage terminal electrode, avoid accumulation of dust and metal near the high-voltage terminal, keep the high-voltage terminal dry, remove all conductive and flammable items, and keep them as far away from the metal cover of the machine as possible.
b. Check the sealing effect of the high-voltage end. After putting on the high-voltage cap, fill and seal with insulating glue or glass glue.

Precautions for current setting part

During testing and operation, the maximum current used for normal cutting of all models is 35mA. It is recommended to use a current of 20-30mA (increase the current by 3-5mA when the room temperature is lower than 15 degrees). Excessive current will increase the gas consumption rate and reduce the laser tube's performance. Lifespan is reduced.

Dust removal

Please note during work that smoke will inevitably splash onto the output surface during work. It is best to install a smoke removal device and wipe the lens regularly. Use a cotton swab specially designed for the lens dipped in absolute ethanol to wipe it.

The laser tube does not fire 

There are the following reasons: 1. The water level switch is broken; 2. The high-voltage line is interrupted; 3. The laser tube is broken or burned; 4. The laser power supply is broken; 5. No water circulation, including the water pipe is blocked and the water pump does not work; 6. Water protection The wire is broken or the contact is not good; 7. The laser power supply voltage is less than 220V; 8. There is no signal from the laser power supply; 9. The online two-axis card is broken.

The laser tube produces weak light and insufficient power

a. The laser tube is burned out or the laser tube light fails;
b. Reflectors and lenses need to be replaced;
c. Dust adheres to the front lens of the laser tube, causing the lens to burn;
c. The optical path of the laser tube is incorrect;
d. The materials processed are incorrect (less than 60W is generally used for engraving, and above 60W is used for cutting. Laser tubes with different powers cut different materials);
e. The tube has been used for too long, and the power of the laser tube is normally attenuated (not covered by the warranty).

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